Bharat Ke Rang Photo Art Exhibition 2018

With the introduction of digital camera and cell phone, the photography form of art has become very popular not only with the professional photographers; but also with the people from various occupations. Indeed, it is passion for the amateur photographers to shoot subjects of their liking just to have aesthetic pleasure.
The present exhibition titled as Bharat Ke Rang is the collection of amateur artists. The homemakers’ office goers’ businesspersons’ women, students, who took photography as hobby were invited to participate in this exhibition. All together 43 artists participated in this exhibition. The landscapes, animals, birds, monuments, portraits of children from slums are the subjects of these photographs.
Some of the awarded photographs are: A child floating Paper Boat by Shushil Kumar, Desert Merchant by MuKesh Kumar Gautam, Circle of Joy by H. Karmaka, Reflection by P. Sahib Singh, Tribal Woman by Sumit Gupta, Hill -scape (Chandertal) by Birbal Sharma, A Monument by shashak Kumar, Ganga by Rumi Bhatachrjee, Sunset by Adil Ahmad, Bouncing Around by Gargi Manish, Jasalmer Fort by Garima Bakliwal, A monument by Sukhman Singh Deol, Cactus Flower by Aditya Sharma and Memories by Charu Goel.

Kishore Shanker

1-28 February 2018 9 am to 8 pm daily

Lobbies 4A, 4B, 5A & 6A
India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

In case any queries, please feel free to contact on
Mobile 9910999689, 9810234197 or E-mail to

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